How To 'Place Bet' On Favorites For A Living - Review

Turn $15 into $157.28 in 2 hrs - Read Full Test Results Below


This system safely turns $15 into $157.28 in one lazy afternoon by betting on the races.

We loved the safety and high winning ratio of this program most of all.

It covers a main betting system, that has several tweaks you can apply for a different betting style. One of our favorite tweaks, is the one he uses to turn $15 into $157 in a couple of hours, with only 5 bets.

We love the excitement of this little strategy, as you can duck down the local TAB and have a fun afternoon, while only ever risking $15.

You see, it nearly always wins. But if it does loose, it will only cost you your initial $15 bet and you walk away after a bit of fun, at no real cost.

The focus of the main system, and the smaller fun systems or tweaks, revolve around betting on favorites, so the profit is very low on each bet. But the win ratio is extremely high, and you can compound your winnings.

No previous betting experience is needed, as it is laid out so you can understand and learn. However we did find it to be rather difficult for a complete novice, as you will have to read a race form.

Mohammed Ali guides you through the process of reading a form, but there is a bit learn. Perhaps a novice does have an advantage though as they will be learning from scratch and not applying there own experience to the bets. You see this system works at its peak when you follow the guidelines to the letter, and by doing so can yield you a 96.35% chance of a profit per bet. (That being said, this is from a "place bet" on a favorite, so the profit is very small)

Some Results From The System:

• Safely turn $15 into $157.28 or $40 into $419.41
• Double your capital 10-15 times per year
• Collect a payout from 96.35% of all your wagers.

This is how we rate the system:

Ease of use
Winning Rate
Capital Required

Rating 9.3/10

The most Exciting system available


>Highest Win Rate of all systems

>Lowest capital Required

>Guarantee honoured by clickbank, taking the risk out of trusting them


>Most difficult to learn

> Lowest Profit per Wager


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