Is Bookie Busters a Scam?

Bookie Buster Review - See Our Results Below


We have made a lot of money from Frank Belanger's Bookie Buster system.

However this is Not our favorite or Top sports betting system.

Bookie Buster is a product in it's own right. It is different to our top pick (sports betting champ) and therefore will be more appropriate to a different class of sports gambler.

This is an ebook for the punter who wishes to learn all about sports betting systems and become a pro in there own right, without someone else doing the work for them.

While it does come with a lifetime access to Franks daily picks, the results are no where near as impressive as sports picks buffet.

Where this program comes into it's own, is in the wealth of information contained inside.

It offers 30 different sports betting systems, and a complete guide to bankroll management.

Frank gives out his complete knowledge on sports betting strategies in general and offers advice on different systems.

Rating 8.9/10

Ease of use
Winning Rate
Sports Picks * NFL Picks NBA Picks MLB Picks

* The benefit of this program over others, is it has more then just the 3 major sports that other systems cover. This program covers all sports.


> Can be used on any sport, as the different systems can be modified accordingly

> A lot of good information if you can handle it, and take it all on board.

> Much cheaper then other systems,making it accessible to punters with limited funds

Limited time offer of $97 instead of the $297 price it could well be at.

> We still made a lot of money, just had to put in a bit more study time.


> Not as easy as other programs with too much information leading to confusion for the novice punter.

> While this system is proven to be profitable, it is not as successful as others.



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