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Is this professional laying service worth the recurring fee?

This program is different to the other systems we reviewed, in that it is a true professional picks service.

What this means is that it is not a system or strategy, but a laying service that provides you with the picks on certain races.

Because of this, it does have a recurring fee that makes it more expensive, and would come close to failing our price test, but because of the high profits, we felt we should share our experience with it.

It includes an Autobet Software, & online support 7 days a week

There is no secret system, mathematical equation or progressive betting needed to be profitable. This service provides professional advice and tips from a team of tipsters with 25 years experience, so you can enjoy a 2nd income as a professional punter.

The profits have been consistent for several years.

Take a look at some of the most recent results below:

1/3/201214:50 Sthl Bengaline Success £98
1/3/201216:20 Sthl Union Island Success £193
1/3/201217:40 Kemp Royal Envoy Lost -£1,302
3/3/201215:10 Newb Rileyev Success -£1,162
3/3/201217:20 Kels Political Paddy Success -£1,112
7/3/201217:00 Kels Ballymoat Success -£1,017
8/3/201214:10 Carl On The Right Path Success -£922
9/3/201215:55 Ayr Easter Vic Success -£827
9/3/201220:20 Wolv Fantino Success -£732
10/3/201214:05 Sand Kuilsriver Success -£637
10/3/201215:15 Sand Sire De Grugy Success -£542
10/3/201215:15 Sand Devil To Pay Success -£447
10/3/201215:30 Wolv Prime Exhibit Success -£352
11/3/201216:25 MRas General Thing Success -£257
13/03/2012 14:05 Chel Menorah Success -£162
13/03/2012 14:40 Chel Our Mick Success -£67
13/03/2012 17:15 Chel Going Wrong Success £28
14/03/2012 13:30 Chel Four Commanders Success £123
14/03/2012 16:00 Chel Act Of Kalanisi Success £218
15/03/2012 14:05 Chel Barwell Bridge Success £313
15/03/2012 14:40 Chel Albertas Run Success £408
15/03/2012 16:00 Chel The Cockney Mackem Success £503
15/03/2012 16:40 Chel Becauseicouldntsee Success £598
15/03/2012 16:40 Chel Brackloon High Success £693
15/03/2012 16:40 Chel Summery Justice Success £788
16/03/2012 13:30 Chel Shadow Catcher Success £883
16/03/2012 14:05 Chel Magnifique Etoile Success £978
16/03/2012 14:40 Chel Sea Of Thunder Success £1,073
16/03/2012 16:40 Chel Oscar Nominee Success £1,168
17/03/2012 14:10 Uttx Boston Blue Success £1,263
17/03/2012 15:20 Uttx Connak Success £1,358
17/03/2012 15:20 Uttx Roalco De Farges Success £1,453
18/03/2012 15:30 Carl Oscar Romeo Success £1,548

They also supply you with a staking plan, so you can decide on the appropriate wager level for your capital. This is how a professional service, and punters enjoy long term success.

Starting with only a £95 stake, you would have yielded 31,578 pounds since 25/01/10 using compounding and simple money management.

This is how we rate the system:

Ease of use
Winning Rate
Capital Required

Rating 8.9/10

A True Professional Picks Service


>Less risk, with no progressive type systems, just good old tips

>Highly Profitable

>The most easy to use service available


>The recurring cost makes it the most expensive system we tested

>Limited spots available, not always open to new memberships

>Guarantee is not advertised, (but it is possible through clickbank)


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