The Allure of a Sports Betting System


Just about anyone who is getting ready to throw down some cash on bets wants to have some kind of advantage.

After all, the whole purpose of any kind of organized wagering is to make money for the house - not the better. So what about all these systems out there claiming to be the best sports betting systems? We're going to take a look at what they are all about, but one of the most important things to keep in mind is that no system is going to be perfect.

The odds are obviously set against any one bet placer, but this doesn't mean you can't win since that would clearly not be true. The thing to remember is that winning over the long term can happen, but this is not what these venues are set up to promote. To get any system, even the legendary spread betting system that is so popular in the United Kingdom right now, to work it is going to take dedication to following the system.

Even then, no one can guarantee results because after all, if they did it would take all the fun out, wouldn't it?

It should be noted that in the United States, sports betting in general is confined to the state of Nevada where it is fully legal in licensed facilities. Many other countries around the world, however, allow sports betting with zero problems. Make sure to check your local laws so you don't wind up losing more than a bet.

With that knowledge on our side, let's take a look at the concepts of these systems and what we would want to use them for.

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NFL Football Picks

Football Betting Systems

In this case, football means the of the NFL or NCAA variety with the touchdowns rather than soccer. This is the single most popular form of sports betting and it also lays claim to the single most often betted on event of the year: the Super Bowl. During football season, the sportsbooks are super busy because for all the action involved, many people love to bet on football.

The whole point of any football betting system is to increase the odds of winning for the person placing the bets. Lots of people love to bet on football and the fact of the matter is, a lot of them just bet on their home team again and again. With football betting, you are a lot more likely to win big money if you bet against the publicly favored teams because they are the ones that the majority of people are going to place their bets on. If you place an unpopular bet, you stand to win more, but that is just an overall strategy. With a system, you get a whole set of specific details and you pick which teams you bet on based on a huge numbers of factors.

Of course, all systems for betting on football are going to vary depending on which one you follow. They are all about helping you pick the right teams, make the right decisions and come out on the winning end of things. It is a good idea to view feedback about any kind of system you might pick - football or otherwise - to make sure that people are finding some success on it. This kind of information is generally available on the web in forums and other social gathering places.

Horse Race Betting Systems

In terms of a sport to bet on, there are very few that have a more established reputation for big wins than horse racing. There are normally horse races going on during any given day all over the country, but the big events are the Breeders' Cup, Belmont Stakes, Preakness, the Triple Crown and the Kentucky Derby. Online horse race betting systems exist, but there are also horse betting systems for live races you can go see at the nearest horse racing track.

There are a ton of factors involved in any horse race betting system because this is an incredibly intricate sport. It takes into account the health of the animal, its breed, its specific pedigree, the formation of its muscles, past performance and a huge number of other factors. Any serious horse race betting system is going to go into incredible detail to help a person placing bets to pick a winner. Since, in the US, 83% of the pools go to the winners, it is definitely a lucrative way to win. There are a lot of people who love to go watch the races live and watch the thundering majesty of the fastest horses on Earth as they jockey for position to earn their next win.

A horse betting system is a great way to gain an edge at the tracks or wherever you like placing your bets. It is probably one of the easier systems because you aren't having to fight any loyalties for a specific team or players.

Baseball Betting System

For the most part, baseball betting systems are going to cover the Major Leagues (MLB) or college leagues for those who are in the United States, but anywhere baseball is played there are very likely going to be people placing wagers. A lot of people will bet on a favored team, but it should be kept in mind that the best betting system for you may be one that is not going to advocate betting based on emotional reasons. This can be hard for a lot of people who want to remain loyal to their favorite teams, but if it ends up making money then it can definitely pay off. One thing to keep in mind is that sport betting systems for baseball can be a bit boring. This is because baseball is a slower game and not quite as fast paced as other sports out there. Still, for those who love a game with a depth of strategy and a huge number of factors to think about, then betting on baseball can be a winning proposition if you choose the right system.

A home team is going to be favored in many betting systems for baseball. This is standard tradition and those who bet on baseball are likely to follow this. Even when a team has lost to a much better team at home, they are going too have a psychological advantage that will come into play since they are on their own home turf. This can make it a much more attractive proposition, in baseball, to place bets on the home team over the visiting team.

Remember, the real cash is in the playoffs and the World Series for those who want to take baseball betting as far as it can go. These are the big money games and likely to provide the highest thrill factor, as well.

Soccer Betting System

In terms of global popularity, soccer (also known as football in many countries) is the most popular sport there is. This is one of the most wagered on sports in the world as a result of that popularity. Huge events like the World Cup garner a ton of attention and that means lots of people placing bets who otherwise would not have a tendency to do so which is very good for the winners. In terms of sports betting systems you have a huge variety with soccer because there are so many leagues all over the world ranging from COPA in the United States to FIFA and dozens more.

Of course, few games are going to get quite as hot and heavy as soccer when it comes to teams. This is one sport with some incredibly die hard fans, as we all know, and they will bet on their own teams until their dying day. This means that opportunities for those who take a more lone wolf approach to soccer betting are huge and it can be a very big win if you manage to pull it off.

Hockey Betting System

Hockey is a very big game in North America with both Canada and the United States having very hard core fan bases that support their favorite teams no matter how rough things go. Of course, there are other countries that play hockey around the world, as well, and plenty of skilled players come from Russia, many parts of Scandanavia and other nations. For a sports betting system that covers hockey, you will likely be placing bets on the NHL teams that play in Canada and the US. You can definitely find a sports betting system for other leagues like semi pro or international, as well, but the majority of sports bet fans are going to be betting on the NHL in one form or another.

It is important to note that in hockey there are no point spreads because of the fact that hockey wins are often determined just by one or two goals. That makes this a totally different game than many others. It also means that your betting options are going to work differently. To get to know the game of hockey and really have the best experience, it is a very good idea to do as much research as possible and get a deep sense of how the game works so tha you can understand the system you have chosen even better.

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